Supreme WordPress
Hosting and Management
Experience the difference with lightning-fast
hosting, managed updates and best-in-class
security management.


Extensive security based on properly configured and secured server, cloud protection and proactive threat mitigation. 

In the unlikely event your site gets breached despite our security measures, we will clean and restore it free of charge.


Smarter backup for your site through automated, timely and redundant backups to prevent any disaster scenario and data loss.



State-of-the-art caching system, both on server- and cloud level. Additional speed boost achieved by the implementation of premium CDN features  for globally accessed content.


At your fingertips, our highly experienced WordPress and server experts are available to provide you with top notch service of your WordPress installation. And whatever else you need.

Uptime Guarantee

let’s serve it offers a whooping 99.90% uptime guarantee for your site and decisive action in emergency situations.

We care more.

Uptime Guarantee

“We offer 99.95% uptime guarantee for your site and our real time action when it comes to emergency situations.

We won’t let your site down!”

Forget about your site. it will still be managed.

In order to keep your site protected and up to date,  your plugins, theme and WordPress version will all be adequately updated  in a timely manner – regardless of your work load .

 And to avoid surprises, new updates will be done in our staging environment before implemented on your live site. As it should.

Pro-active work

We will update your plugins, themes and WordPress version in a timely manner in order to keep your site protected and up to date. Our staging environment ensures testing things before we approve the latetst versions.